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The lotus flower holds spiritual symbolism for the Christian.Keen Category:. Lotus. This is the flower of consistent meditation.

It is sometimes called the Indian lotus or the sacred lotus, and it is also known in Egypt and in Africa as the white lotus, the Egyptian water lily and the white lily.

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While the above steps may seem straightforward enough, this is not a linear process.Lotus flowers grow directly out of muddy and murky waters and produce beautiful white and pink blossoms.

The opening and closing of the lotus in the daylight and nighttime hours is said to be symbolic of the cycle of the sun through the heavens.Finally, the gold lotus flower represents all achievement of all enlightenment, especially in the Buddha.

Spiritual Lotus is a community for personal growth, to inspire, give wisdom, practice mindfulness, and learn to love ourselves again.

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In the East, the lotus flower is viewed as a symbol of spiritual unfoldment.Join senior yoga instructor, Kamala, on this weekend of yoga lifestyle immersion.

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Once you begin down this path, you may find that a change to your external circumstances (e.g., getting a new hobby or moving to a new city) will solve your problem of restlessness or unhappiness, but this is almost always a temporary fix.

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You may not always get the opportunity to physically sit down with someone who is skilled in the art of reading the cards, or perhaps afford to pay for regular readings, so here at Lotus Tarot we aim to provide you with a little guidance and easy and convenient access to information.

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The Christian should strive to be pure, white, and flawless spiritually.

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Lotus is your premiere metaphysical shop for purchasing gemstones, crystals, feng shui, angels, books, jewelry, local art, unique handmade items and many other treasures that make you feel good.Among all the available flower tattoo designs lotus tattoo is the most unique flower tattoo present in Asian cultures.

It is the dream realized in enjoying every step of the way, seeing beauty and finding a reason to celebrate the simplest of joys.Nothing is more spiritual than the lotus—it experiences immaculate conception every single day.While the lotus has very strong connections to the spiritual world both in the eyes of cultures like Buddhism and Hinduism today, and those of bygone eras like in Egypt, it was also a practical addition to the landscape.The lotus flower symbolizes rising from a dark place into beauty and rebirth, as this is exactly how a lotus flower grows.Find best value and selection for your Mandala Spiritual Indian Symbol Lotus Car Bumper Sticker Decal 5 x 5 search on eBay.

This symbolizes the human situation of day to day life of mud but our ability to aspire upwards to the divine and spiritual freedom.The spiritual qualities of the lotus flower has found its way into Egyptian legends, Indian culture, and even Western faith.

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It has spiritual and therapeutic benefits, and can often be seen being used with aromatherapy massages or diffused into the air.Allow your thoughts to come and go for a while without holding on to them.

Contact information, map and directions, contact form, opening hours, services, ratings, photos, videos and announcements from Golden Lotus Spiritual Healing.Something feels so right about meshing tattoos and spirituality.

This is not surprising as the lotus flower is a potent symbol that grows strong and beautiful from the murkiest depths.In the earlier times, people used to get the lotus tattoo design inked on their body as a symbol of spirituality.Hibiscus also symbolizes an invitation to vacation far, faraway.

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