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Sport Academy NB is a not-for-profit group providing sport programs and services to children, youth, schools and sport organizations across New-Brunswick Sport NB Tennis New Brunswick - The organization responsible for the development, administration and promotion of tennis in the province.

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While most sports fans perceive boxing as a brutal and violent sport, a 1996 National Safety Council report ranked amateur boxing as the safest contact sport in America.

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We are a community oriented Martial Arts Centre that provides the highest quality instruction for Muay Thai kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, submission grappling, modern ju jutsu and wrestling.

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Depicted on the walls of tombs at Beni Hasan in Egypt, dating from about 2000 to 1500 B.C., boxing is one of the oldest forms of competition.

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Exciting enough on TV - the furious punches, crushing elbow strikes, lethal kicks and artful feints are even more riveting when seen live.

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One of the most popular spectator sports in Thailand, and now gaining world renown, is the martial art of Muay Thai.The Connecticut native joined CBS Sports in 2017 and has covered combat sports since 2010.

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The training includes shadow kickboxing, equipment training on the pads, shields, 2 person drills, calisthenics, strength training, stretching, conditioning and endurance training.He has written and hosted various podcasts and digital shows.Boxing Live Stream Online, Watch Boxing Live Streaming, the latest news stories, results, fixtures, video and audio.Kickboxing is a descriptive term for martial arts that, while similar to boxing, use the feet just like the hands to hit.

We invite students of all levels who are interested in fitness, self-defence, competitions or who just want to try something new and fun.

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Fought in boxing rings, over 75% of matches end in a TKO (where a ref or judge stops.Our Kickboxing program is run by Coaches Vince Salvador and Charles Martinez.Boxing is a combat sport, and combat sports can lead to injuries.

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Students will release stress, as they strengthen mind and body in classes that are fun and challenging.

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