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Tongue splitting poses serious risk to health, say

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In some cases, conditions may cause bumps on the tongue or swelling that can be mistaken for a cracking tongue.

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Cancer that forms in the back one-third of the tongue is a different type of head and neck cancer, and is treated differently.Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer that forms in the front two-thirds of the tongue.

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Tongue cancer is a type of cancer that starts in the cells of the tongue, and can cause lesions or tumors on your tongue.Oral thrush, a yeast infection in the mouth that often accompanies a weakened immune system, can also increase your risk of cracking tongue.

A woman shows her split tongue at a body art convention in London.You can get a traditional tongue piercing, a horizontal tongue piercing (a.k.a. snake eyes tongue piercing), a venom piercing (a.k.a. venom tongue piercing or venom bites piercing), a tongue web piercing (a.k.a. tongue frenulum piercing), a tongue tip piercing, or a combination of these tongue piercings.Banana Split sex A rear-positioned oral sex style in which the vagina and anus are licked from the bent-over position.

Intraoral characteristics: A fissured tongue is sometimes called a scrotal tongue, a plicated tongue, or a grooved tongue, and may be associated with the entity known as geographic tongue (see Figures 1 and 2).

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The name comes from the dessert, due to the way the sexual act looks when performed.Unprotected Oral Sex - Sore Tongue and Mouth dsthom I am a 32 year old, gay, male, recovering sex addict who this past autumn suffered a bad relapse after 10 years of sobriety including 8 years with my long term partner.

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A fissured tongue may affect men slightly more often than women.

The fissuring may be so deep that there is a lobulated appearance.A cracked tongue may be sore, sensitive to certain foods, tingly, or feel completely normal other than the obvious texture differences.

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